television & radio personality


Rich Fields is a 40+ year radio veteran who started his career in 1979 at the University of Florida. He has worked at over a dozen radio stations across the country and is a four-time Addy Award winner for his production excellence. 

Rich spent 11 years alone at CBS Radio on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood in the 80's, and another 15 years with Cox, Infinity and Beasley radio in Tampa, Florida. Rich is currently on-the-air (2-7pm) at Q105 (WRBQ) in Tampa.


Rich has worked at the following Radio Stations

  • WRUF-FM, Gainesville, FL
  • KUAD, Windsor, CO
  • KKHR, Los Angeles, CA
  • KNX-FM, Los Angeles, CA
  • KODJ, Los Angeles, CA
  • KCBS-FM, Los Angeles, CA
  • KZLA, Los Angeles, CA
  • WYUU, Tampa, FL
  • WCOF, Tampa, FL
  • WSUN-FM, Tampa, FL
  • WWRM, Tampa, FL
  • WFJO, Tampa, FL
  • KRTH, Los Angeles, CA
  • WRBQ, Tampa, FL