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Rich Fields has had an impressive acting career. He has appeared on many popular television sitcoms and shows including; How I Met You Mother, According To Jim, The War At Home and Last Comic Standing. Rich has also appeared on two different CBS soap operas, Bold And The Beautiful and Young And The Restless. Rich's voice over work can also be heard in the Walt Disney movie Bolt and the animated series Family Guy. He even starred in his own web-series Rich Fields Gone Wild, which was produced, Freemantle Media.

How I Met Your Mother

Rich Fields and Bob Barker guest star in this hilarious HIMYM episode titled, Showdown.

The War At Home

Rich Fields plays an overly excited gameshow host on this episode of, The War At Home with Michael Rapaport.

According To Jim (VO)

Rich Fields records a short voice over for Jim Belushi (on the old Seinfeld stage BTW) for this episode of According To Jim.